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Welcome to Our Lady of Unity's Music Program! OLU students receive 1 hour of music instruction per week with a 30 minute class on both Wednesdays and Fridays. The school has many additional musical opportunities available. Students may sing in the choir at morning Mass and may be selected to cantor as well. All students get to perform in the Christmas and Spring concerts where there are opportunities to showcase individual talent playing instruments and singing solo parts. Additionally, Ms. White comes to OLU once a week from Bishop Ward High School for students interested in the Middle School Band program. 

In class students learn music through experience and repetition. First and foremost all students learn to sing. We sing to grow our faith by singing with gratitude in our hearts to God. Students will learn Mass parts, memorize choruses and first verses of the songs we sing at morning Mass, and go through extensive sight singing and interval training through the use of folks songs, game songs, echo songs, and vocal warmups. Harmony and round singing are introduced in 3rd grade and development continues through 8th grade. 

We cover rhythm with the use of percussive instruments, body percussion, rhythmic games that develop a sense of the beat, and the study of rhythmic notation. Instruments are used starting in KDG with hand bells. By 4th grade students move to the piano. Alongside learning instruments students are learning to read music. All students are expected to be proficient at reading treble clef in the key of C by the time they graduate from OLU.

Listening to great music is another focal point of the program. There is an introduction to Classical music in KDG followed by fiddle, bluegrass, and western swing music in grades 1-3. After that students delve into an extensive study of Classical music from the Baroque period up to the 20th century between 4th and 7th grades. 8th graders finish up their time at OLU with a year of listening to jazz. You can find playlists by class under "Class Info" in the left hand menu of this page. 

OLU's music program lives out the philosophy that music belongs to everyone. We aspire to listen and sing music that is ordered towards beauty, goodness, and truth. It is my job to instill in our school a thirst for great music and to teach the language of music, so all of us can feel comfortable singing, reading and listening to music. 

Important Dates: OLU Spring Concert: Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 6pm

Spring Concert Playlist

Vocal Warmups 

Choir Songs for Mass 

Mass Parts

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